Unless the theme and nature of your startup dictates that this is the creative route you need to take, do not overpopulate your small, pocket-sized business card with the proverbial ‘pretty pictures and flowers’. It leaves the potential client or associate with an extremely cluttered, irrelevant presentation that could lead to confusion. And forget about stoking the creative process towards a memorable presentation, because nine times out of ten, they will quickly forget. Worse still, what should have been your potential client will have tossed the card in the wastepaper basket.

Unimpressed and perhaps impatient, he will have moved on. And perhaps within days or weeks hereafter, he would have latched on to one of your rivals who followed a sleek business card design davie fl process. The process usually begins with a brief consultation with your design expert and printer. You tell him briefly what your business is all about. And if he is acting alone, he would have utilized his consummate copywriting skills to produce a fact-driven card that, as it will turn out, will be memorable.

There will be no pretensions towards colorful frills that spill over. Just a no-nonsense approach taken towards your business and that of others. Only the bare facts will do, if you please. Because let’s face it; on a small, pocket-sized business card, there is only so much information that you can give your potential customer or business associate. So, rather make it count. Perhaps, down the line, there will be plenty of time for the so-called creative license. And let’s face it, your abovementioned copywriter has also indulged in creative licensing.

business card design davie fl

But his approach has been effective. He has given your next client the bare facts about you and your business.