If you are going to be stationed at your desk for the better part of your productive day, then you may as well make yourself comfortable. But not too comfortable, they say. And it is ironic. This perception of comfort turns out to be quite the opposite. But when you view a bare-looking desk chair and a sit and stand hydraulic desk from a distance or at a glance, you may be deceived into thinking that no comfort is possible here at all.

In fact, it turns out to be the complete opposite. The ergonomically positioned desk chair encourages your back into a rigid position. The mind is never tempted to shift the back into the back of the chair in the false belief that this will bring comfort. In fact, you have to give this chair a tryout in order to experience it for yourself. Let’s face it, you are not at your workstation to relax. You are there to be productive and get results.

The position that this chair places your posture in does almost the same thing for your mind. It is forcing you into a position of focus. The same goes for the so-called sit and stand hydraulic desk. It allows no sinking feeling or feelings of lethargy to sink in, to put it that way. You are allowed to sit, but standing is healthy too, not for long periods of time obviously. The sit-stand desk and chair combo obviously works well for those working in the typical studio environment.

sit and stand hydraulic desk

Their design desk needs to be at a certain height and light in order for them to produce their creative and constructive work in the proper manner. Architects and graphic design professionals would love this.